With over 50 years in the specialty oil manufacturing and packaging business, American Specialty Oils has an unsurpassed commitment to creating the highest quality oils and custom formulated products while providing exceptional customer service.

Our History

For over half a century, American Specialty Oils has stayed true to our heritage with our commitment to quality, diverse capabilities and close-knit family of employees and longstanding customers. Continuing to lead the oil industry with the highest-quality standards, American Specialty Oils is devoted to creating specialty oils, healthier alternatives and an ever-evolving line of premium products.

In the Mid 50’s

In Detroit in the mid ’50s, American Specialty Oils first went into the shortening business by rendering meat fats that were gathered from local butcher shops. When there were changes to the meat market, American Specialty Oils adapted by delving into the oil industry, a journey that turned into a lifelong passion.

By the 1960’s, the demand for oils continued to grow, and American Specialty Oils diversified into the vegetable shortening, oils and butter market. The company also branched into niche oil markets for restaurants and bakeries who were looking for rich oil products at an affordable price, a move that led to great success and growth. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, American Specialty Oils developed sophisticated methods to meet the evolving needs of their elite clientele who needed specialty butters, healthier butter substitutes and other premium vegetable oil products.

By the late 60’s

In the 00’s

After several years of research and development,  American Specialty Oils entered into the Margarine Market. By the early 2000’s, we offered a diverse line of margarines to serve the bakery, pizza, food service and food process industries with options for liquid margarine, solid margarine, flavored, unflavored and everything in between.

Today, American Specialty Oils offers a complete portfolio of distinctive oil and oil-based products and specializes in specially formulated, custom products that can be manufactured, packaged and labeled to any specification. We welcome you to experience the great taste and great quality of American Specialty Oils.