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American Specialty Oils had a modest start and ever since, has stayed true to those small stock-photo-237322-illustration-drop-of-oilroots with our diverse capabilities, and close-knit long-term family of employees and customers

In the mid ’50s, ASO began in the shortening industry by rendering meat fats that were picked up from local butcher shops in the Detroit area. When the meat industry took a turn for the worse ASO took it as an auspicious time to delve into the oil industry; a journey that turned into a lifelong passion.

By the late ’60s the demand for the oils grew strong enough that ASO diversified into the vegetable shortening, oils and butter market. The company targeted niche oil markets like restaurants and bakeries, who were looking for rich oil products at an affordable price—a move that led to great success and growth. When the ’80s and ’90s rolled around ASO began sophisticating their products to meet the evolving needs of their niche clientele, meaning specialty butters, healthy butter substitutes and other high-quality vegetable oil products.

After great success with their healthier initiatives and higher-end products—they ran with it.

In the ’00s the company devoted itself to specialty oils, healthier alternatives and an ever-evolving line of premium products. They fell in love with olive oil straight from the heart of Sicily, and other products that offered richer flavor experiences that were on-trend with lower levels of cholesterol-raising trans fats. The family of staff love the industry and feel a deep sense of pride in our clean and safe environment.

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