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American Specialty Oils SpecialtiesHere at American Specialty Oils, we earned our place as leaders in the niche oil industry by empowering our customers with the flexibility they need to succeed. Whether it be oil specially formulated for finely-tuned pizzeria machinery or properly-prepared trans fat-free butters for the kosher community—ASO gives our customers the flexibility they need without sacrificing the quality they want.

We offer both:

  • Private labeling
  • Contract packaging

Not only do we have the ability to manufacture, package and label specialty oils to specification we also offer guaranteed quality thanks to our third-party auditing from the American Institute of Baking. The AIB ensures that companies across the nation and in 120 countries around the globe adhere to the highest standards of food production. Their 60-year track record of success continually challenges us to improve and innovate our already successful line of specialty products.

Certifications include:

  • AIB
  • Orthodox Union to be 100% Kosher

Our packing and private labeling of premium products allows our customers room to invent, profit and thrive. Our products bring them into the future by offering them the trans fat-free foods that they need to succeed in today’s health-conscious marketplace.

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